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Chris Lawing | Writer/Director

I’ve been a filmmaker for over 25 years. Even before I picked up a camera, I had a pen. And that has been the foundation for my career and the basis for making good films. I studied creative writing in college and shot my first feature in 16mm B&W during my senior year at the University of Kansas. My wife was my creative partner then and still is my primary collaborator.

My professional career has spanned me working as an assistant editor on Monsters, Inc., an editor and assistant editor on various other feature films to producing and directing commercials and corporate films.

My projects have ranged from simple documentaries to elaborate period pieces but verisimilitude is a quality I strive for as a filmmaker. Whether it’s an accurate recreation of the House of Un-American Activities Committees in Witness 11 or the 1980's coming of age story Greg’s Going to Rehab, it’s important to me the audience doesn’t question the logic of the reality I’m presenting on screen. Let them be engrossed as events unfold on the screen, unfettered by doubts of realism of the story. 


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