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Liberty - Feature Film

Slow Burn Crime Thriller

Zoe Kyle’s career as a TV journalist was heading for the stars. She was young, brilliant, talented and beautiful. But when a sex tape from college surfaces and becomes an internet sensation, her career is ruined. Unable to work because of the disgrace, she packs up her bags and moves to the small town of Fort Liberty, Kansas to work as a reporter.  But the idyllic town is at a precipice as its top employer Jax Beef seeks to double the plant size.

After an explosive town hall, a county commissioner ends up dead and all the evidence points to the town’s rising basketball star, Essecke Chedzou. Zoe’s skills as a seasoned journalist are challenged as she digs into the murder and begins to reveal a deeper conspiracy. Soon, Zoe finds that not only does Essecke’s life hang in the balance but she could be next.


House of God - Feature Film

1920’s noir; Finalist Low Light Film Festival, 2nd Rounder Austin Film Festival 2016 & 2019

A rash of bombings, a murdered priest and labor unrest rack the 1921 company town of St. Clair. A WWI returns home and gets sucked into the intrigue that could bring the town to its knees and cause a reckoning in the House of God.


CTV - Feature Film

Dystopian action film

The future is not pretty for most of the world. Rising sea levels, extreme weather, climate shifts has the world in a constant struggle for resources. Richer nations have adapted but poorer nations are left behind. While natural resources become more scarce one commodity that is plentiful is war. And the richer nations are willing to pay for their entertainment. Merritt and her team of techs, camera ops, play-by-play and color analysts are ‘covering’ a war in central Africa when one side goes off script, leaving the team exposed and uncovering something even darker in the halls of CTV.


Della - Feature Film

Modern noir

Ansel never got anything right in life, from his time in the army to his transition to civilian life. But when Della walks into the lobby of the Tenderloin hotel he works in, he begins to think that his luck could be changing.


The Watch - Short Film


A Russian mob boss comes home to an angry mistress, furious that he has been having her watched. But while his claims that he has done so out of fear for her well-being fall on deaf ears, an intruder slips into the penthouse unseen and begins to move from room to room, looking for some unknown item. As each moment progresses the apartment feels smaller and smaller and the intruder becomes more hurried until finally being discovered by the mistress, his lover, who presents him with the watch. While hurrying out of the building, the boss calls and says he was worried about nothing, there was no need to watch the mistress.


Greg’s Going to Rehab - Short Film

Coming of Age drama set in the ‘80s.

It's the 80s, and 15-year-old, drugged-out Greg face plants into a glass coffee table. His parents have had enough - it's time for Greg to get straightened out. So off to rehab with him! But Greg isn’t done partying. He plans one last bash to send himself off like a king. After a long night, Greg will find out who he really is and who his true friends are.


Emily’s Ghost - Feature Film


Everything is perfect for Laura and always has been - at least on the surface. But after a chance encounter with a boy who was friends to her deceased sister her supposed ‘perfect life’ goes into a tailspin.

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